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Christopher Townsend is a concert and concept photographer. Chris gives fans an intimate look at stars like Matisyahu, Switchfoot and more. Capturing profound live music performance photos from the stage and delivering fans a “behind the scenes” experience via social media. His Adobe Spark enabled, interactive photo/video journals VOL. 1 and Vol. 2, are available now, on the home page. 

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His Work

Christopher Townsend’s style and intuition for nostalgia radiates each discipline with authenticity. His versatility as an artist and kind demeanor as a colleague, allows for ease and truism to emanate from every pixel.


His artwork is both profound and sublime. With images of towering idols bathed in dramatic Hitchcock-esqu lighting, his photos exude a duality of intensity and elegance. He can create an endearing narrative within a single frame. The story telling quality of his work is evidence of his original grounding in motion photography. Yet his foresight and vision expose the contemplative, unique, intimate, rich nuances of the performer, giving you the chance to notice undertones you hadn’t quite seen before. Majestic, high contrast silhouettes, dramatic angles, and dynamic use of lighting, make you feel as if you were there basking in the stage lights, with your hands on the rails, begging for just one more song.



Chris has the ability to shoot like nobody’s watching. His kind and unobtrusive nature puts his subjects at ease. It is evident in his work, which is aglow with genuine authenticity and intriguing, mysterious, undertones. He finds such a delicate space between the foreground the mid-ground and the background. By applying unique layering and focusing techniques, he gives the photos a sense of movement in their stillness. As though he had captured not just the image itself, but the experience as a whole. Its as if you could smell the coffee, hear the conversations, feel the mood of triumphs and trials. His compositions seem to personify the emotions his subjects internalize. His photography says “There’s more here. Take a closer look.”


Christopher Townsend is available for hire in Northeastern USA, Nationwide and Internationally. Please submit your inquiries via the Contact page. We do our best to respond within 48 hrs. Thanks so much for stopping by.

His Story

Born in DC, raised in small town Virginia. Inspired by his grandfather, a film editor for the CIA, began his explorations into film making and film editing in NYC. After graduation, he moved to LA for less-than glamorous internships, only to find slamming doors, and a seeming-less endless downward emotional spiral. With a career on the rocks, he moved back to Virginia to be closer to family and to regroup. His marriage eventually crumbled. He was a full time dad suffering from anxiety and depression and knew he had to reach out for help. After wasting multiple sessions, totally shut down, staring off into the distance of his coffee cup, his therapist challenged him to find his words through photography instead.

I took on the doctors the challenge and went out with my iPhone and started taking pictures of broken glass, rusted pipes, my reflection in water puddles, happy couples, torn fabrics, Ice, mud, shapes, anything that could show him my internal struggle. I did this for many months. It became an activity that I enjoyed doing almost daily for hours at a time. It became an activity that allowed me, while discussing the photos I was presenting to the doctor, to tell him how I felt.”

It worked…Chris had started a journey towards healing. After building quite the robust portfolio, a friend recommended Chris try out an app called Instagram. To his surprise, it took off and he began to build a following. People were loving and commenting on the imagery. To him all he saw was his personal struggles. He was inspired and continued on and began Shooting local bands around Lynchburg, VA. He began to enjoying life once again, through photography, and he was hooked.

“Month after Month I took any and every job I could take shooting band after band, some shoots were not good, some were great. I was learning to swim in this profession, based on all the information I had obtained. Not from being trained in photography, but in film making. I was coming to every show not trying to capture the coolest shot, the shot most clarity, but I wanted to capture a moment that would bring people back over and over again.”

He credits Alan and the band Big Data, for giving him his first big opportunity. Inspired by their music he had discovered on a return trip to LA, he decided to reach out. They gave him a press pass and a shot and loved what he captured. His work began to gain even more notice. He then landed an opportunity to take pictures of the artist Matisyahu. He went to the show with the same drive to capture him in a way that would engage people to ‘look at the picture over and over again’.

It worked… He was invited back for the next tour. Fresh off the bus, Matis surprised Chris and asked him to go for a walk and do some press photos. He had never done shots like that but wasn’t going to let the artist down. Chris ran to the car and grabbed an old window pane he had been experimenting with and proceeded with the shoot. The resulting photos were to become a pivotal(culminating) moment in his journey. Upon arriving in Montreal on tour, Chris noticed from the van window, a huge blown up poster of his image. He was elated. This photo would be featured all over the world for months to come. It became clear that he had a knack and skill for not only live music composition, but for behind the scenes and press photos as well.

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